World's End Foundation Painting, SOLD for a Worthy Cause

This past June, South Street Gallery, Hingham MA, hosted a wet Paint show highlighting scenes from Worlds' End Park, Hingham MA. 

The invitation was sent out to approximately thirty artist, each whom were assigned a spot within the park. All were on display for the month long Silent Auction event, with a good portion of the proceeds to benefit the park.

Picking a sunny afternoon, two days before the event, I was dismayed as clouds  immmediately rolled in. Yet, in the end, the climate change provided a much more dramatic compostion with an approaching rain shower, and yet the sun was still in the foreground.  And yes, I did get hit with the Squall, but fortunatly for this one event, all artist whom participated were allowed to drive "On-site." Good thing, the enclosure of my vehicle for the five minute shower allowed me to proceed with the work at the conclusion of the rain.

I am happy to report that this piece was sold, and as stated before, proceeds  of the sale were directly donated to World's End.


Another Demo at the Cohasset Art Festival On The Green

This past fathers day, once again, I could be found at the Cohasset Village Green doing a live demo for the public. In conjunction with the Cohasset Festival on the the Green, I have been doing this for the past half a dozen years.  Usually with the last years rendition offered for auction at the present event.

Always  a pleasure to be part of the Festivities, hopefully all enjoyed the presentation and results.



Summer Courses Available.  Plein Aire and "The Basics"

You really want to paint, but how do I start, or, what am I doing wrong?  There is answer for introduction to Painting that I will be teaching starting July 11 with the Sciutate Arts Association  (see   This is no Paint and Sip party hald at your local hang out...this is a real learning experience. The intention of this class is to launch you correctly into the issues of color, value, drawing and prespective, and using the tools to provide such. Simple shapes will be arranged in a light box for you to closely observe and draw/paint. It's an ideal way to learn relationship of shapes against one and another as well as learn basic perspective. At first, all the shapes are painted white, so color is not the issue, but instead, we concentrate on value. From there, we progress to shadows, and modeling of the shapes. With that confidence of our drawing abiulity and modeling we will add color to the formula, and eventually will conclude with a still life that you can take home and be proud of.

Its an ideal launching point to eventually graduate to more complicated still lifes, Portrait work, and the Plein Aire class that will be held later in the Summer/Fall.

For Registration and further information, see


Another New House Portrait

This commission was approched with the clients request to take advantage of the marsh views from his home as well as incorporate the home.  I traveled to their home, examined it for the best angle, and lighting.. and viola, this was the result.

If you would like to have a lovely portrait of your home, or that special landscape or location that means so much to you, just give me a call as listed below.  To view more examples, click on Home portraits above.


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Robert G. Beaulieu, a Scituate MA resident, graduated from the Paier School of Art in Hamden, CT and continued his education at the Museum Schoolof Fine arts in Boston. He has participated in a number of shows with the Scituate Art Association, North River Arts, Duxbury Arts Festival, Quincy Arts Festival, North River Arts and the South Shore Art Center as well as individual shows.
Robert has won best oil in show at the prestigious Cohasset "Festival on the Green" two years in succession as well as winning the same accolade with the Quincy Arts Affaire show. Numerous other awards have been received for his work as well.
As a past President of the Scituate Arts Association, Bob was responsible for overseeing and creating many artistic endeavors on the South Shore to include, purchase of the Front Street Art Gallery, classes, workshops and artist demonstrations.

Artwork is currently or has been on display at:bob beaulieu painting

The South Street Gallery Hingham, MA

The Front Street Art Gallery, Scituate MA

Class Art and Antiques, Plymouth MA

The Russell Galleries, Plymouth Center for th Arts,
Plymouth MA

Francesca Anderson, Portraits North in Lexington MA.

Dillion Gallery, South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA

Framers Edge, Braintree, MA

I invite you to review my work on the following pages as shown above. For convenince I have tried to break down the paintings by the categories they may appear, but don't be bashful, there are definitely crossovers between the genres..
If you have any questions, or wish to purchase a painting, or wish to inquire about an original artwork commission, please contact Robert at the email address below.
Thanks for looking, and I hope to hear from you.

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