Plein Aire Classes on Boats, Buildings
and more with the South Shore Art Center

“What better way to experience the beauty of our surroundings on the South Shore, than capture it with an original painting.

I will teaching a course in junction with the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset focused on creating a plein-aire painting based on man-made mechanical and/or architectural objects such as lobster boats to sailboats, summer cottages, or harbor store fronts.

Windmill point Boathouse is a perfect example of how we will utilize buildings, structure or boats into our plein aire compostions 

Course content will cover atmospheric perspective expressed through color and value, and the spatial dynamics of one and two point perspective. Students will be introduced to various locations on the South Shore noted for picturesque qualities to explore the rich pictorial possibilities of light and shadow, color and texture. We will initiate with simple landscapes with basic building (or boat compositions).

Onsite demonstrations, individual critiques, and concept development will be an integral part of this experience.The use of photography as a vehicle for study and self-expression will also be discussed as well.

Classes will be held Tuesdays, 1:00 PM to 4:00PM at various locations around Scituate, Cohasset, Hingham and the South Shore. E mails, etc will be forwarded notifying of location. To register, link onto:

I hope you can join me on this rewarding painting experience.

Come Paint With Me

This past november the first of a series of instructional videos were taped for broadcast featuring myself discussing and creating a painting on location. These will be broadcast on Scituate public Television to show not only Plein Aire painting instruction, but also broadcast the many aspects of the Scituate Arts Association.

The first was instruction and explanation of the Second Wednesday Portrait Workshop that I host. An interesting view, not only was my work recorded, but Vcevy Stakovlovsky and Scott Ketchum were also featured. It makes for an interesting watch to see how three artist approach their work and create their own separate interpretation working form the same source, the model. You can view it at:

The second video I am producing a still life form the Ellis studio location. I instruct on a step by step procedure to arrive at my concluded piece. to include a mistake and cover up about half way through. the composition had a flaw in it, and the video shows how I easily corrected it! this can be viewed at: v=a9u3VL3Ddz.

Further taping will include additional plein aire instruction with Robert, as well as water color instruction with Mary Beth LoPiccolo. Numerous one off events sponsored by the Scituate Arts Association will also be recorded.

Lainey Laing, Scituate Arts Association Director of Education, has been the driving force of this endeavor as well as producer, while Seth Pfeiffer of SCTV has been generous in his support of providing air time, technical assistance as well as the equipment for taping. Linda Pedersen has been the videographer.

Times as yet for broadcast have not been set, so stayed tuned for further updates on broadcast times.. Who knows, I may be the next Bob Ross.

Cohasset Yacht Club "portrait" presented to the club

This past July, completion of the new Cohasset Yacht club was officially opened and inaugurated. Since last fall, Ford Construction of Norwell, MA has been the principle contractor in the rebuild of this beautiful, classic structure.

To honor their part in the rebuild, Ford Construction, contracted me to do a 20" x 30" portrait of the older facility. This in turn was presented to the Board and members of Cohasset Yacht club as a momento on how the older facility looked since its inception in 1895. The new painting now resides in the main function hall. As beautiful as the old building was, the new facility retains the same classic look as the old, in keeping with the history of the club.

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Robert G. Beaulieu, a Scituate MA resident, graduated from the Paier School of Art in Hamden, CT and continued his education at the Museum Schoolof Fine arts in Boston. He has participated in a number of shows with the Scituate Art Association, North River Arts, Duxbury Arts Festival, Quincy Arts Festival, North River Arts and the South Shore Art Center as well as individual shows.
Robert has won best oil in show at the prestigious Cohassible for overseeing and creating many artistic endeavors on the South Shore to include, purchase of the Front Street Art Gallery, classes, workshops and artist demonstrations.

Artwork is currently or has been on display at:bob beaulieu painting

The South Street Gallery Hingham, MA

The Front Street Art Gallery, Scituate MA

Class Art and Antiques, Plymouth MA

The Russell Galleries, Plymouth Center for th Arts,
Plymouth MA

Francesca Anderson, Portraits North in Lexington MA.

Dillion Gallery, South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA

Framers Edge, Braintree, MA

I invite you to review my work on the following pages as shown above. For convenince I have tried to break down the paintings by the categories they may appear, but don't be bashful, there are definitely crossovers between the genres..
If you have any questions, or wish to purchase a painting, or wish to inquire about an original artwork commission, please contact Robert at the email address below.
Thanks for looking, and I hope to hear from you.

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