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Robert's oil on panel, "Fitzgeralds Groceries" was awarded a BEST-IN-SHOW at the 2024 Annual Scituate Art Associations' juried show held in April...AND...
a FIRST PLACE in oils at the North River Arts Association Juried Show held over Memorial Day Weekend in Marshfiled MA. His painting "Last Catch" was awarded a SECOND OVERALL at the Hull Art Association Annual Juried Show, held during the month of May.

A follow up was a second in oils with "Campari Dormitories" at the Cohasset Festival on the Green Juried Show. A podium placing for four shows in a row

ROBERT G. BEAULIEU a Scituate MA resident, graduated from the Paier School of Art in Hamden, CT and continued his education at the Museum School of Fine arts in Boston.

Majoring in illustration, he turned his career toward design and advertising and was president/owner of his own agency in Boston for a number of years until “semi-retiring” to devote more time do his painting. Primarily a Plein Aire painting, Robert has combined his ability to capture detail, atmosphere and light with the disciplines he learned through his foundation of academic work.

He has participated in a number of shows throughout New England, and locally with the Scituate Art Association, North River Arts, Duxbury Arts Festival, Quincy Arts Festival, North River Arts and the South Shore Art Center. Numerous award winning ribbons adorn his studio, as well winning best oil in show at the prestigious Cohasset festival on the green show, two years in a row. Latest accomplishments include a Best-in-show at the Hull Art Association juried show (2023) and a Best-in-show, at the 2024 Scituate Art Associaton juried show, a first in oil at the North River Arts Associaton 2024 juried show  and a second in Oil with the 2024 Cohaseet Festival on the green as well as the Hull art Associaton Juried show.

Enjoying meeting other artist, and those interested, Robert does a number of demos a year as well as teach a course in Plein Aire and Portraits with the South Shore Art Center (Cohasset) and well as Scituate Arts Association where he hosts a monthly portrait workshop. Robert has also appeared on Scituate public Television giving demos as well as courses in painting. You can view one of his demos at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWVlpFunfHk He is President emeritus of the Scituate arts association where he created many artistic endeavors on the South Shore for the public, as well the purchase of the Front Street Art Gallery.

Many times you can find Robert driving to painting locations in his classic MG, with his french easel bungeed on the back of the vehicles’ luggage rack. When not immersed in his painting, Roberts other interests include Bicycling, Scuba Diving and he has held a National Competition license with the Sports Car Club of America (scca) for over forty years.



1999    1st Oil   SSAC, Festival on the Green Juried show
2000    1st Oil    SSAC, Festival on the Green Juried show
2006    1st Oil     Quincy, Arts Affair
2011     2nd Oil     SAA Juried Show
2011     HM oil     SSAC juried Show
2013     HM Oil     Hull sea and sky juried show
2017     3rd Oil     SAA Juried show
2017     2nd Oil    Duxbury Winter Juried show
2018     3rd Oil    SAA Juried show
2018     AWARD OF EXCELLENCE    SSAC Member show
2019     HM Oil     Hull Sea and Sky
2021     HM Oil    SAA Juried show
2022     1st Oil    Hull Juried show
2022     HM Oil    Hull Sea and Sky show
2023     HM Oil     Hull Sea and Sky Show
2023     3rd Oil     SAA Juried show
2024     1st Oil     NRAS Juried show
2024    2nd Oil    SSA, Festival on the Green Juried show
2024    2nd Oil     Hull Juried show
2024    Best In Show    SAA Juried show


Join me for a class at the South Shore Art Center,
Two to choose from! 

Not only will I be teaching Plein Aire Painting, with the South Shore Art Center, I will be instructing  a class in Portait Paintinig  and one in Perspective as well. 

The following classes I will be instructing for the summer semester (starting in July ). Please go to the SSAC website, www.ssac.org for registration, information, times, and cost.

PLEINAIRE: We will be meeting outside at various points on the south shore, where we will observe and paint (alla prima) natural landscapes.  We will concentrate on atmospheric color and perspective, light and shadow, composition, editing a landscape and more. It's an ideal way to continue your learning experience in Plein Air painting to make your artwork really zing!

Basic Drawing: An ideal class in improving and ehnhancing your drawing skills. Learn, or improve your understanding of perspective, use of drawing checkpoints, value and shading aswill be emphasized as well. The class will let you experiment with anything you wish from still lifes to exploring photos (and locations) outdoors. With Good drawing skills are most important for the foundations of you painting. The instruction and critic can be applied to your painting, even if you are a beginner , or a advanced artist wishing to brush oup on their skills

BASIC PERSPECTIVE! (this is a great class offered in the indoor winter months) Too many times, I have seen students struggle and just not catch the correct perspective within their paintings. This will be a basic course in linear Perspective...using and learning on how to establish correct One and two point perspective, how to cast light and shadow that creates form. The class will also discuss on how color and value can effect a three dimensional look from your two dimensional canvas. If this has been your hang up in your paintings, this may be your answer!!!

For More information and registration, please link onto: www.ssac.org

Portrait/Figure Workshop
Held Weekly, OUTDOORS during the summer months

I also host weeklly wednesday afternoon, a workshop at the Ellis House with the Scituate Arts Association, a clothed portrait figure workshop (and occasionally, unclothed studies).

With no instruction, this is a great opportunity to just come paint and draw from a model.. Most sessions are one pose, for three hours. But within that same time period we have held three-one hour sessions as well.Starting Time 1:30  to 4:30. Suggest you call to ensure any times.   

The ellis house is at 709 Country Way, Scituate MA. Costs are $15 scituate Members, $20 non-members.

I email paticipants of oncoming sessions (the second Wednesday.) Contact me through my e mail bob@beaulieudesign.com to be placed on a notification list, or for any further questions or inquiries.

The first was instruction and explanation of the Second Wednesday Portrait Workshop that I host. An interesting view, not only was my work recorded, but Vcevy Stakovlovsky and Scott Ketchum were also featured. It makes for an interesting watch to see how three artist approach their work and create their own separate interpretation working form the same source, the model. You can view it at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWVlpFunfHk

The second video I am producing a still life form the Ellis studio location. I instruct on a step by step procedure to arrive at my concluded piece. to include a mistake and cover up about half way through. the composition had a flaw in it, and the video shows how I easily corrected it! this can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWVlpFunfHk v=a9u3VL3Ddz.

Check out my latest Blog at www.beaulieudesign.blogspot.com